Knowledge testing is offered on a walk in basis during our teting hours.
The cost is $40.00 for the first test, if you should fail the first try, the second is free.
The person testing will need a Washington state I.D. or permit to take the test.
Testing hours
Tue. Wed. Thur. 
Skill test 
The skill test is appointment only. Once a knowledge test has been passed
a road test can be scheduled .
The cost for a skills test is $50.00 
Skills test requirements for those under 18
Student must have completed drivers ed. and all drivers ed. requirements.
Student must have had a learners permit for over six months.
Student must have completed 50 hours with 10 being at night with a parent or guardian.
Things you will need the day of the test

Drive log (showing 50 hours of drive time)
Current registration for your vehicle 
 Current insurance
All of the lights must be working on the vehicle
(Even if the car has a third brake light bar with 20 bulbs and just one is burnt out, your student would NOT be able to do the test)