Drive Packages for Adults:
Package 1:  $595.00 for 6, one hour sessions
Package 2:  $495.00 for 4, one hour sessions
Package 3:  $295.00 for 3, one hour sessions
Package 4:  $195.00 for 2, one hour sessions 
Package 5:  $87.50 for, one hour session
Lesson1:  Basic Driving-to determine if the driver can control the vehicle safely.
Lesson 2:  Arterial Driving-to determine if the driver understands signs, signals and pavement markings.
Lesson 3:  Parking-Teach driver hill parking, parallel parking and backing around the corner.
Lesson 4:  Freeway-teach driver how to enter/exit freeway, change lanes.
Lesson 5:  Pre test-driver is tested on arterial driving, lane changing, parking maneuvers and response to controlled and uncontrolled intersection.
Lesson 6:  Work on skills that need improvement to prepare for Department of Licensing test.
Want to brush up for your drive test?
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$60.00 for an hour drive.